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COLUMBIA, Md., Sept. 26, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Chiron Technology Services, Inc. ("Chiron") pronounced 'Kai-ron', a security engineering and information operations security training firm has advanced its transition of providing US Government Information Operations (IO) Role Based Training Services to the Commercial Market by launching a new training focused website.

The new website highlights four key domain areas of IO and the Chiron professionalization methodology that includes evaluating, training, validating and sustaining technical skills needed as an IO Specialist. As part of the new website launch, Chiron also published a short white paper addressing the market confusion on what is "Cybersecurity" and the differences between Information Assurance (IA) and Information Operations (IO). The paper, "The Cybersecurity Human Capital Paradigm Shift Cyber Technical: 'IA to IO'™" is available to download on the new site:

"The Chiron Training website is the transition into the commercial training market. With the new website, we want to share our knowledge, skills, and experience with the commercial sector and global community. We are in the migration process of over 18 Instructor Led Courses into both an asynchronous and virtual live class format. We will have additional learning tool product launches and announcements to follow," said Chiron's President, Dave Pappas.

For over seven years, Chiron has conducted IO Training for Government customers. This experience has allowed Chiron to mature and refine a proven and tested IO professionalization path organically with all development and training conducted internally at Chiron. The Chiron IO Training and Development Team has extensive work role experience which enhances the learning development process of new Domain Specific IO Specialists in their personal and team development.

Pappas added, "As the white paper highlights, we know there is a critical skills gap and we know the entry level to advanced level skills needed to be an IO Domain Specialist. Our mission is to bring innovation to the commercial sector and offer high quality relevant learning programs designed and developed by IO professionals who have performed in their respective domain."

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Dan Callahan
Sr. Director of Strategic Development

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